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The Cookie Plug offers a fast-growing, easy-to-run restaurant franchise concept that will have you bossin’ up! Get plugged in and bake it to the top with your own Cookie Plug franchise! Soon you’ll be enjoying the freedom and flexibility of running your own business in the dessert industry.

In just two years Cookie Plug has opened 23 locations, and we continue to grow. We are slangin’ dope, fat stack cookies, over 5 million so far and we bake them fresh daily. Our culture, street art, and hip hop is one of a kind in the dessert industry.  The Cookie Plug Brand combines the best-tasting cookies with a fun and unique theme that is unmatched.  We are here to help you bake it till you make it with your very own bakery franchise!

Are you ready to be your own boss in the dessert industry?

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    Cookie Plug and LL COOL J are blending outstanding treats with the energy and creativity that defines hip-hop.

    African American in a black on black New Yourk Yankeys baseball hat in a leather jacket and black pants with gold chains and a LL Cool J diamond knuckle ring

    “We’re bringing you a flavor experience that’s not just about cookies — it’s about celebrating the essence of hip-hop culture.” – LL Cool J

    LL COOL J collabs with Cookie Plug and multi-unit franchisee Kevin Davis on a 60-unit deal to open the California-based brand in several markets, including Los Angeles, Orlando, New Jersey and Texas.

    Cookie Plug Restaurant Franchise offers a fast growing easy-to-run concept

    There are many reasons why you should own your own Cookie Plug Franchise. Slangin’ our fat stack cookies has proven to be easy and lucrative for many reasons. Our tried and true restaurant franchise framework has grown from 23 to 50 locations in less than a year. There’s major growth that’s available in the dessert industry.

    Be apart of the gang

    Proven Super-Fast Startup with Business Training

    From the time you are approved to become a Cookie Plug franchisee, you can be open for business in just 2-3 months! This timeline also includes our extensive training at our Headquarters in Irvine, CA, along with on-site business training before and after your doors open.

    Cheap Retail Space for Rent with Many Types of Store Designs 

    Our small footprint range of just 500-900 Square feet allows for low buildout and design costs, which guarantees a cheap retail space for rent.This maximizes efficiency and access to some of the easiest and least expensive real estate on the market.

    Be apart of the gang

    Boss Up, Build a Cookie Plug Empire.

    Be in Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself! Opening a Cookie Plug allows you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of making your own business decisions and being your own boss while working towards your goals of personal and financial independence at your own pace. You control your destiny, so be the one that directly benefits from your hard work.

    Cookie Plug Franchise Offers Low Start-Up Costs!

    Only $94,450 – $158,300 to own your own Cookie Plug franchise.

    *As shown in the Franchise Disclosure Document


    PROFITABILITY with a low cost franchise

    The Cookie Plug Franchise has systems that work. Our streamlined systems ensure that it’s a low cost franchise business plan, and that our partners have a solid foundation for success and profit.


    Cookie Plug brings PASSION 

    Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts. We are flipping the script on the cookie industry. Something new and fresh, fat stack cookies in a way that has never been done before. That is something everyone can be passionate about, from our guests, franchise partners and your team members.


    Be Authentic with the Cookie Plug

    The Cookie Plug Brand is different and true to its roots. We bring a whole new twist to the cookie industry. Combining a one-of-a-kind guest experience with delicious, fat-stack Cookies made with the highest quality ingredients. 

    Be apart of the gang

    Be a Part of the Cookie Plug Gang

    Our Guests and Cookie Plug Franchise Partners are what make the Cookie Plug Brand Great. We are focused on helping you win long-term. Committed to making it easy for you to deliver an Elite guest experience and one-of-a-kind fat stack cookies that will be the talk of the neighborhood. 

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