Cookie Plug Menu

Our Cookie Plug stash is much more than just the best chocolate chip cookies. Our menu consists of our bomb sugar cookie recipe, Pixie Junkie, and our smores cookie recipe, Firecracker. We even have the dopest keto cookie recipes the streets have ever seen. Plus much more!

Cookie Plug is unique and always stays true to its culture and vibe. We bring a whole new twist to the cookie industry. The Plug combines a one-in-a-kind guest experience with delicious cookies, made from the highest quality ingredients. 

Our cookies are like no other. Part cookie, part cake, part brownie, but always Thick, Fat and Bomb AF!

Simple Menu

No Restaurant Experienced Needed

Easy Operations

The Cookie Plug Menu 

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Smores Cookie

Firecracker Cookie


Sugar Cookie

Pixie Junkie Cookie

 Cookies and Cream Cookie

Cookie Cookie Cream Cookie

Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Chocolate XTC Cookie

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookie

Pink Elephant Cookie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

Crunch Nugget Cookie

Snickerdoodle Cookie

Snooperdoodle Cookie

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie

Kitt Keto Cookie


Keto Chocolate Cookie

Black Magic Keto Cookie

Plug Poppers Mini Cookies


Our cookies are 100% kid-friendly and do not contain Cannabis, THC, or CBD. The only high you’re getting’ from our cookies, is a sugar high!