Cookie Plug franchising opportunities FAQ’S

I am interested in learning more about Cookie Plug franchising opportunities. What should I do next?

If you haven’t already, go ahead and fill out our contact form! We’ll get in touch with you ASAP with your next steps. 

How much money do I need to open a Cookie Plug?

Potential franchisees must have $100,000 in liquid assets (such as stocks, marketable securities, or cash) plus a total net worth of $250,000. The total cost per unit will vary depending on the size and the scope of that particular market and location.

Does Cookie Plug offer financing?

The Cookie Plug does not offer financing, however, we can direct individuals to third party financing options that include secured/unsecured lines of credit, construction loans, and equipment leasing.

How much are the Franchise Fee, Royalty Fee and other annual fees?

The Franchise Fee for a single store is $25,000. If you choose to execute an Area Development Agreement (multiple stores), there is a one-time $5,000 Development fee and the Franchise Fee is discounted to $20,000 per store. The Royalty Fee is 7% of gross sales. The National Marketing Fund is 2% of gross sales.

Do you offer incentives for Veterans?

Of course! We honor our veterans with a discount of 10% off of the initial franchise fees. 

How big is a typical Cookie Plug location?

A typical Cookie Plug location is between 500-900 square feet.  The square footage will very depending on both the market and the available real estate. Our real estate department will work closely with you to help you identify and select the best location available.